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2012 UK Cruise Market Data from the PSA

The Passenger Shipping Association (PSA) has released figures which show that 2012 was another great year for the British cruising industry. Some of the main points are as follows: –

  • Passenger embarkations at British cruise ports increased by 10% to 962,000, including an extra 78,000 UK passengers and an extra 6,000 passengers from overseas
  • The biggest increases were at the ports of Southampton, Dover and Portsmouth
  • The number of passengers visiting a British port on a cruise increased by 11% to 723,000, which is twice as many people as in 2007, just 5 years earlier.
  • A record number of 52 British ports received a visit from a cruise ship in 2012
  • More British passengers than ever before took an ocean cruise, with a total of 1,701,000. An amazing 54% of passengers took two or more ocean cruises during the year.
  • The most popular cruise destinations for British passengers is still the Mediterranean, with 698,000 going there. There is however an increase in people heading for Northern Europe, including the Norwegian Fjords
  • There was an increase of 10% in the number of passengers booking an ultra luxury cruise
  • Value for money is still the main reason for Britons choosing the cruise they go on, but when considering the appeal of cruising in general it is the itinerary and destination which is number one
  • 1 in every 8 overseas package holidays booked by British passengers is now a cruise

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