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2012 UK Market Data for River Cruise Passengers

New research by the Passenger Shipping Association (PSA) shows that the number of British passengers who took a river cruise in 2012  was 130,000, an increase of 14% over 2011. The main points to come from the research were as follows: –

  • Of the 130,000 river cruises taken, 90,000 were in Europe
  • There were 12 new river cruise vessels added during 2012 in Europe, with a lot more being launched in 2013
  • The value of the UK river cruise market was £175m in 2012
  • The most popular river for British passengers was again The Nile, which accounted for almost 22% of the total, and up 12% on 2011.
  • 26,900 went on the Rhine, Moselle and tributaries, 15,000 on the Danube and 10,200 on the Seine & Rhone
  • There was also good growth in river cruising in China and the Far East, which saw a 38% increase. In total, non European rivers had an increase of 19%
  • The main reasons given for choosing a particular river cruise were Value for Money (77%), the All Inclusive nature of cruise packages (42%), Itinerary and Destination (74%), and the Duration (21%)
  • 14% of river cruisers took more than one river cruise in 2012
  • 69% of river cruisers had also been on an ocean cruise, with 23% having done at least 6 ocean cruises

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