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Anchor Fares from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines have introduced Anchor Fares, which have replaced Specialsaver and Latesaver Fares.

Anchor Fares do offer some very good savings, however they do come with a number of restrictions which must be considered when deciding what to book.

  • Full payment is required at the time of booking
  • 100% cancellation charges apply, with no refunds allowed
  • Bookings cannot be transferred to another cruise
  • Bookings are on a Guarantee basis, so you won’t get cabin details until nearer departure
  • Oceans Cruise Club discounts are not combinable with Anchor Fares, so you wouldn’t qualify for Oceans discounts for onboard purchases
  • Your dinner sitting and restaurant will be chosen by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, and advised nearer departure. However, you can choose your preferred dinner sitting, but not the restaurant, if available at the time of booking, for £2 per person per night
  • You would need to pay for port shuttle buses where a charge is being imposed

Anchor Fares can be a good choice if you are able to book closer to the date of departure, aren’t too concerned where your cabin is on the ship, and are happy to accept the above restrictions. However, if you need to book well in advance, or want a specific cabin, or to be in a certain area of the ship, or perhaps need the flexibility to possibly change your booking at a later stage, then you probably need to book a Freedom Fare.

If you have any questions on these fare codes, or want more information about booking a cruise with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, call GoCruise with Ian on 01455821770 or 08002922850.

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(Information correct at the time of posting, but is subject to any subsequent changes made by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines to their Terms & Conditions)