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When should I book my cruise?

When should I book my cruise, is a question I get asked quite often, and there is no exact answer which fits everyone’s situation. Basically it comes down to how flexible you can be, with regard to your requirements, and I give a couple of examples below.

Example 1 – You want to go on a cruise from Southampton to the Black Sea, and only want to go with your favourite cruise line. This could mean that there are only 1 or 2 departure dates each year which are possible. If you then want a specific grade of cabin, and want to choose the cabin number, and must have first sitting dinner, you can see that you need to be booking early to avoid disappointment.

Example 2 – You are looking for a 7 or 8 night cruise to the Norwegian Fjords from the UK next summer, don’t mind within reason which cruise line you go with , the exact date isn’t important, and you aren’t too fussy what type of cabin you have. In this case, you may well find that by waiting until nearer the departure date you can get a late reduction, as there are a good number of cruises which will fit your requirements. Bear in mind though that you are unlikely to know where your cabin will be on the ship, and you might not get your first choice of dinner sitting. There are likely to be other restrictions as well, including payment in full when booking, and 100% cancellation charges.

Summary – The more specific your requirements are, the earlier you need to book, whereas the more flexible you can be, the later you can leave it. Having said that, the recent introduction of a Price Promise from P&O Cruises and Cunard, and a Price Pledge from Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, means that you can be more confident in booking early. If you have any questions contact GoCruise with Ian on 08002922850 or 01455821770.