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The Cruise: A Life at Sea aboard Balmoral Episode 1

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ Balmoral is the setting for ‘The Cruise: A Life at Sea’, which is a 6 part documentary programme. Filmed onboard Balmoral by the BBC during her 2013 World Cruise, the cameras follow the Reverend Colin Still in his ‘parish at sea’, as well as featuring other passengers and some of the amazing destinations visited.

The first episode was shown on 9th July 2013 on BBC, and will be available to watch on the BBC iPlayer until 20th August 2013 if you click on the following link The Cruise: A Life at Sea – Episode 1During the episode we saw Balmoral depart from Southampton and cruise to Acapulco in Mexico, with a stop in Madeira, a transit of the Panama Canal, and an excursion in Costa Rica. 

As well as seeing Colin Still going about his daily work, we also met Sue who was onboard to help passengers who wanted to sing in the choir and, at the end of the first leg of the cruise, they successfully staged the Pirates of Penzance.

Episode 2, from Mexico to New Zealand, will be shown at 8.30pm on Tuesday 16th July 2013, and will include Balmoral crossing the Pacific, with a stop at the tropical island of Tahiti, a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and passengers joining an amateur dramatic group.

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