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American Queen Steamboat Company

The American Queen Steamboat Company offers amazing river cruise experiences in the USA. Most of the cruises are on the American Queen, the largest steamboat ever built, with some of them on the American Express, which is the largest and most elegant riverboat in the Pacific Northwest. A third steamboat, the American Duchess, will be joining the fleet in 2017. She will be smaller than the other two, and mainly sailing the lower Mississippi where she will get into some of the smaller tributaries. This short video from the Avid Cruiser gives you a feel for life onboard the American Queen, and there are more videos further down the page giving more information about the accommodation, dining and entertainment onboard, as well as one about the shore excursions.


The first night of each holiday is spent in a deluxe hotel, before boarding your steamboat at the start of your cruise. While on the river cruise the following are included in the price you pay: –

  • All meals including the speciality restaurant
  • Wine and beer served with dinner
  • Complimentary speciality coffees, bottled water, soft drinks and ice cream
  • A programme of ‘Hop On Hop Off’ shore excursions
  • Daily lectures and entertainment
  • Internet access
  • Transfer from the hotel to the steamboat
  • Flights and resort transfer included if you book a full fly cruise package

In addition to the complimentary ‘Hop On Hop Off’ shore excursions, there are also some premium excursions are available to book in some ports for a supplement. Gratuities for the crew are added to your onboard account, and the rate in 2014 was $16.50 per person per night.

There are a good selection of itineraries to choose from, on a number of rivers. Many of the cruises have a particular theme, and these usually include Mardi Gras, Music of the 1950’s, Southern Culture, Thanksgiving, Music of the 1960’s, Civil War, Elvis Tribute, Fall Colours and Country Music.

Upper Mississippi Cruises on the American Queen

  • 8 nights St Louis to Minneapolis / St Paul
  • 8 nights Minneapolis / St Paul to St Louis
  • 4 nights St Louis round trip

Lower Mississippi Cruises on the American Queen

  • 8 nights New Orleans round trip
  • 8 nights New Orleans to Memphis
  • 8 nights Memphis to New Orleans

Ohio & Tennessee Rivers Cruises on the American Queen

  • 9 nights Memphis to Cincinnati
  • 4 nights Cincinnati round trip
  • 5 nights Cincinnati round trip
  • 7 nights Cincinnati to Pittsburgh
  • 6 nights Pittsburgh to Cincinnati
  • 8 nights Cincinnati to St Louis
  • 8 nights Jeffersonville to Nashville
  • 8 nights Nashville to Chattanooga
  • 8 nights Chattanooga to Memphis

Columbia & Snake Rivers on the American Express

  • 8 nights Eastbound Portland to Clarkston
  • 8 nights Westbound Clarkston to Portland


(page updated September 2016)