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Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is an American cruise line, operating cruises on a worldwide basis, usually with 2 or 3 ships based in the UK during the summer. The fleet consists of the following ships: –

Caribbean Princess (my video is below), Coral Princess, Crown Princess, Dawn Princess, Diamond Princess, Emerald Princess, Golden Princess, Grand Princess, Island Princess, Majestic Princess (from 2017), Pacific Princess, Regal Princess, Royal Princess (video below), Ruby Princess (video below), Sapphire Princess, Sea Princess, Star Princess, Sun Princess, TBA (2019), TBA (2020) & TBA (2022). Look at my photos on Facebook of Ruby Princess and Caribbean Princess

Many of the ships in the fleet can carry over 3,000 passengers, but the Pacific Princess, carries just 680 passengers. Onboard there is plenty to do both during the day and at night, with dedicated children’s activities as well. Food is of a high standard, and there are various dining options to choose from.

As well as offering cruises, they also offer Cruise Tours, where you combine a cruise with a land tour in certain destinations. These include an Alaska Cruise combined with a tour of the Rockies staying at one of a number of company owned lodges, or combine a cruise with a tour of Australia including Sydney and Alice Springs.


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