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I was with a small group of travel agents in December 2013, as we were going to spend 3 nights on Royal Clipper, cruising to Antigua. We stayed 2 nights at the Tamarind before the cruise, and 1 night at Crystal Cove after the cruise, all courtesy of Elegant Hotels, the beach resorts of Barbados.

This was my fourth time in Barbados, and I really love the island. Barbados is situated in the Lesser Antilles and, while it is only about 10% larger than the Isle of Wight, it is very diverse, with coasts on both the Caribbean Sea & the Atlantic Ocean.

While in Barbados we were well looked after by the Barbados Tourist Authority, and taken on several trips: –

  • We went on a 5 hour El Tigre catamaran trip from Bridgetown, which included snorkelling with turtles, and there was the opportunity to swim to the beach later in the day. The rum punch, Banks beer and other drinks flowed freely all day, and there was a very nice lunch provide as well
  • On one evening we went to Cin Cin, which is a really nice restaurant, one of the best on the West Coast of Barbados
  • We enjoyed a half day tour of the island, stopping at many of the main tourist spots on the way. I was pleased that we visited one of my favourite places in Barbados, which is Bathsheba on the Atlantic coast.
  • On the last day we were taken to Harrison’s Cave which is an amazing crystallized limestone cavern, where you are transported underground by an electric powered tram on a 1 hour tour. For those more adventurous, there is a 4 hour Eco-Adventure tour, where you walk through the nature trails looking for the local birds, and perhaps even some green monkeys. After that you put on a helmet, complete with lamp, and knee guards, and then your guide takes you for a tour of the caves on foot, through some of the smaller and less accessible parts.

Overall I would say that Barbados is a fantastic destination, whether it is a port of call on a cruise, a pre or post cruise add-on, or purely for a beach holiday. For more details of any of these options, call GoCruise with Ian on 08002922850 or 01455821770, or click on any of the following links for more details of my trip.

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