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World Cruise

A number of cruise lines offer World Cruises, also known as World Voyages or Grand Voyages, each year, with the majority of them starting early in January.

A World Cruise can last anything from around 90 nights to around 120 nights or more. There is also the opportunity to join one or more sectors of the world cruise, but this would involve flying at least one way.

If you want one which departs and returns to Southampton, then P&O Cruises, Cunard and Fred Olsen Cruise Lines would be the companies to consider.

Another option for a longer than normal cruise, but without the need to fly, would be a cruise to the Caribbean and back, which would normally be for 20 to 30 nights in duration, and are offered by several cruise lines.

For many people a World Cruise is an ambition they work towards for when they retire, and they do sell out so it is worth planning ahead and booking early.

(Page updated April 2012)