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Fred Olsen Balmoral 2013 & 2104 Cruises

Fred Olsen‘s Balmoral is offering a varied selection of interesting itineraries in 2013/14 season, ranging from a 3 night mini cruise to a 104 night world cruise. She will be visiting many parts of the world including The Azores, North Africa, Europe, the Baltic, Norwegian Fjords, Canary Islands, Caribbean and the British Isles.

Carrying 1,350 passengers, Balmoral is the largest ship in the Fred Olsen fleet, but is still small compared to many modern cruise ships. This means that you can get to know many of your fellow passengers during your cruise, and the crew will get to know you and your preferences.

If you would like further details of cruises on Balmoral, contact GoCruise with Ian, for fully independent advice. You can call him on 08002922850 or 01455821770, or complete the online enquiry form.

L1301, L1302, L1303, L1304, L1305, L1306, L1307, L1308, L1309, L1310, L1311, L1312, L1314, L1315, L1316, L1317, L1318, L1319, L1320, L1321 and L1401