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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Freedom Fares

Freedom Fares replaced brochure Fares on Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines departures from April 2014. When you are booking a Freedom Fare there is a lot more flexibility than you would get when you book an Anchor Fare. The main benefits of a Freedom Fare are as follows: –

  • You can choose your restaurant and dinner sitting at the time of booking (subject to availability) and you can request your preferred table size (not guaranteed)
  • You can select your cabin category, cabin grade, and specific cabin number from those available at the time of booking
  • You can transfer your booking to another cruise for a fee, subject to the prevailing terms and conditions (only one change allowed)
  • Cancellation fee as per the prevailing standard terms and conditions
  • You will have priority for cabin upgrades (complimentary or charged, whenever available)
  • The deposit is just 15% (£750pp on Grand Voyages), with the balance due 90 days before departure
  • Free shuttle buses in ports where they are operating
  • Oceans members can get a booking discount as applicable, which is based on membership level

Click on the following link for information about the more restrictive conditions which are applicable when you book an Anchor Fare, or contact GoCruise with Ian on 08002922850 or 01455821770


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(This information is correct at the time of posting, but is of course subject to any subsequent changes made to their Terms & Conditions by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines )