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What are Getaway Fares from Cunard and P&O Cruises

Getaway Fares are sometimes offered by Cunard and P&O Cruises, generally within the 3 months prior to departure, where they have a number of unsold cabins. While these Getaway Fares can often offer great value, they do come with a number of restrictions.

  • Payment must be made in full at the time of booking
  • No subsequent changes can be made to the booking
  • Booking cannot be changed to another cruise
  • 100% Cancellation charges apply from the time the booking is confirmed
  • All bookings are on a ‘Guarantee’ basis, so you won’t know your cabin number until nearer departure
  • All documentation, including excursion details, will be available online and will not be sent in the post
  • By the time Getaway Fares are available there might not be a choice of dinner sitting
  • You do not generally get any of the Vantage Fare benefits, such as free parking, free coach or onboard credit, although there could be occasional exceptions
  • You will not receive a printed excursion and cruise book, and everything will need to be accessed online
  • You would not be able to select your preferred dining time, as this would be allocated by the cruise line (applicable from the 2014/15 programme)
  • Some port shuttle coaches would be chargeable to passengers booked on a Getaway Fare (applicable from the 2014/14 programme)

For people who can go on holiday at relatively short notice, don’t mind where their cabin is on the ship, and can be flexible about the choice of cruise available, these Getaway Fares can be very good. However, if you need to book in advance, have specific requirements about exactly where your cabin is situated, and want the flexibility of knowing that you can make changes if necessary, then you should consider booking a Vantage Fare.

When booking a Vantage Fare you would also be able to choose from a number of benefits including free parking, coach transfers or onboard credit on cruises of 7 nights or more, and would be covered by their Price Promise. This means that if for any reason the Vantage Fare is reduced in price after you have made your booking, you would automatically receive a complimentary benefit such as onboard credit or a cabin upgrade, which would be to the value of any reduction.

If you have any questions regarding Getaway Fares or Vantage Fares, call GoCruise with Ian on 01455821770 or 08002922850.

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(details were updated in August 2013 but are of course subject to any changes made by Cunard or P&O Cruises to their Terms & Conditions)