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Pendennis Castle Pre-Voyage Information

All the things you’d like to know about your voyage with Union Castle Line and Safmarine, published in 1971.

This booklet was issued when you booked a voyage on Pendennis Castle, or one of the other Union Castle Line or Safmarine ships, operating on the Cape Mail Service. Here are a few excerpts from this booklet, to give you an idea of how things have changed over the years.

  • Accommodation – all cabins have running hot and cold water, and all berths are fitted with interior spring mattresses. First Class cabins have wardrobes and dressing tables or chests of drawers, and the majority have private baths or showers. In Tourist Class all cabins are fitted with wardrobes and chests of drawers
  • Cabin accessories – if desired, a lower-powered berth light can be fitted. For those passengers who would like a chamber in their cabin, application should be made to the bedroom steward
  • Occupation of berths – if there are other berths in your cabin, for which you have not paid, we naturally reserve the right to let these, either at the port from which you leave, or from any other port. If you are particularly anxious to have sole use of a cabin with more than one berth, this can sometimes be arranged on payment of additional passage money, but not when the demand for accommodation is high
  • Motor Vehicles – if you are taking a motor vehicle with you on your holiday visit to Africa, you can simplify Customs formality by obtaining a Triptyque or other touring document. Any recognised Automobile Club or Association will give you particulars of these. Provided that notice is given beforehand, it is usually possible for your car to be taken with you on the same ship
  • Valuables – Valuables (including money) may be handed to the Purser or the Second Purser in the Tourist Class Bureau for safe custody during the voyage. A charge will be made (minimum 10p per package) on the declared value. If the package is required before the end of the voyage, it can be re-deposited at half the rate
  • Baggage – every adult passenger is allowed to take 40 cubic feet of baggage free of charge, while children can take a quantity in proportion to the fare paid. The charge for excess baggage is 45p per cubic foot
  • Secretaries – there is a shorthand-typist on all ships who is available to carry out any secretarial work you may require. The Bureau has details of this service.
  • Boat Drill – in your own interests we urge you to attend Boat Drill whenever held. Life jackets are stowed in racks overhead in every cabin. Your steward will gladly demonstrate how the life jacket should be put on
  • Radio Telephone – Radio telephones are installed in all the ships providing you with the opportunity of speaking with friends ashore or on other ships, or making business calls to any country in the world. A Radio Message Service is available on all ships for passengers use throughout the voyage. You can arrange for flowers to be delivered to friends ashore through Interflora
  • Gratuities – The Chief Purser or Purser will be pleased to give advice on this subject

For other trivia on the Union Castle Line, and Pendennis Castle in particular (I worked onboard throughout 1972), check the links on the main Pendennis Castle page.