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P&O Cruises Ventura in 2014 and 2015

P&O Cruises family friendly ship Ventura will be offering fly cruises from March 2014 through to March 2015.

Ventura will depart Barbados mid March 2014, following her winter stay offering Caribbean cruises, and head for the Mediterranean. She will then be offering a range of 7 and 14 night fly cruises throughout the summer, with the option to board her in Malaga for the first few, and then Venice or Savona. There will also be the option to include hotel stays either pre or post cruise, and flights will be from a choice of London, Manchester or Birmingham.

Ventura is 115,000 tons and carries 3,100 passengers, and there is a great variety of things to do onboard for all the family. The children have clubs offering activities aimed at their particular age group, and there is plenty to keep the parents happy while they are occupied.

To book your cabin, or for more details about these cruises, or any other P&O Cruises, call GoCruise with Ian on 01455821770 or 08002922850.

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