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Swan Hellenic 2014 Cruises on Minerva

Minerva from Swan Hellenic is offering a diverse range of itineraries during 2014, including no fly cruises from the UK, departing from Portsmouth, and fly cruises to destinations around the world. There are also opportunities to combine two or more cruises to make a grand voyage, ranging from 28 nights to 83 nights, visiting destinations such as the Black Sea, Mediterranean, Far East and South America.

With just 350 passengers, Minerva is ideal for Discovery Cruising as she can get into ports many larger ships have to miss out. The onboard lifestyle is very comfortable, with great food and plenty of world class speakers. These include professors, historians, zoologists, politicians and museum curators, to name but a few professions. A programme of shore excursions are also included in the price you pay.

For more information on any Swan Hellenic cruise contact GoCruise with Ian on 01455821770 or 08002922850.


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