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Voyages of Discovery 2013 Cruises

Voyages of Discovery (also know as VOD) has two ships in the fleet, the mv Discovery and the mv Voyager, offering a selection of ex UK and fly cruises in 2013. These small intimate ships take you to a great range of destinations across the world, and can get into places many larger ships can only dream of visiting.

With accomodation for between 500 and 600 passengers, you will enjoy excellent cuisine and a range of Guest Speakers will give you an insight into the places you visit, as well as other interesting topics. The price you pay includes prepaid gratuities, UK port parking, or return flights and transfers on fly cruises. There is also a discount for past passengers.

Destinations being visited in 2013 include the Caribbean, South America, Amazon, British Isles, Baltic, Norwegian Fjords, Mediterranean, and the Black Sea.

To book one of these amazing cruises, or to get further information, contact GoCruise with Ian on 08002922850 or 01455821770.

mv Discovery voyages – DIS130305, DIS130315, DIS130327, DIS130406, DIS130418, DIS130501, DIS130514, DIS130522, DIS130604, DIS130616, DIS130704, DIS130716, DIS130723, DIS130806, DIS130818, DIS130730, DIS130731, DIS130914, DIS130915, DIS130925, DIS 131007, DIS131017

mv Voyager voyages – VOY1310104, VOY130122, VOY130206, VOY130225, VOY130312, VOY130324, VOY130408, VOY130429, VOY130525, VOY130602, VOY130611, VOY130912, VOY130926, VOY131008, VOY131021